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Monday, January 31, 2011

How To Survive A Nightclub Fire

In doing some research into deaths at nightclubs, I’ve stumbled upon some disturbing trends concerning fires that too often kill both performers and audience members. People who enjoy their nightclubs may want to keep these things in mind, since many pop up in more than one disaster

1. Don’t lock the fire exits. Many nightclub owners and managers seem to hate their emergency exits and either lock or chain them to keep people from getting in the club without paying. The majority of deadly nightclub fires have this element. In the case of the Rhythm Club, windows hand been boarded up to keep anyone from being able to hear the music outside, and in the case of the Ozone Disco Club, a new building had magically sprung up to block the fire exits.

2. Don’t use pyrotechnics if the building can’t handle it.. The Lame Horse fire in Russia, Republica Cromanon fire in Argentina, the Wuwang fire in China, and The Station fire that took the life of Great White lead guitarist Ty Longley were all started by pyrotechnics.

3. Don’t rush the front door. Unless, of course, it truly is the closet door to you. It seems to be human nature to try to go out the same door you came in. What seems to happen in a nightclub fire is that people rush the door, cause a stampede or otherwise block the door, causing many deaths from trampling and trapping others inside to be killed by the smoke and flames. Provided the fire exits actually work, try heading out one of them.

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